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28th June 2022 
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I am based in Hackney, East London.
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I have worked as a counsellor since 1999 with a counselling service in North London. In 2002, I started my Psychotherapy & Counselling practice in Hackney, East London.
I was a course tutor on the counselling course at Hackney Community College, Shoreditch, for three years. In 2006 I was appointed to Regent's University School of Psychotherapy as a part-time tutor and in 2011 appointed as group facilitator on the Counselling Psychology doctorate course at City University, London.


I offer supervision to students of psychotherapy and qualified psychotherapists. If preferred, after an initial face to face meeting in Hackney, East London, we could work by Skype.
I have experience of supervising groups at the New School of Psychotherapy and Regent's University from 2006 -2013 and individual counsellors and psychotherapists from 2006 to date.

Academic training

I have a diploma and advanced diploma in existential psychotherapy and counselling and two certificates in humanistic therapy. I am a registered U.K.C.P. psychotherapist.

Workshops Seminars.

June 2006. I ran a workshop entitled 'How to be a Therapist without anyone knowing' at the New School of Psychotherapy . This workshop explored the possibilities and perhaps the necessity of the therapist remaining himself and not becoming another person altogether when engaged in the therapeutic relationship.
October 2007. I ran a discussion on supervision at The New School of Psychotherapy.
October 2009. Co-presented an S.E.A Forum on A Response to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Non Academic training, or life experience.

In the same way that psychotherapy does not make the man or woman but simply helps them to understand and accept themselves and see what choices are possible, therapy training and continual professional development do not make the therapist. We all have our life experiences. And I believe that these life experiences are just as valuable to the work of the therapist as the academic psychotherapeutic training.
I have helped to bring up my four children through to adulthood, experienced the break up of relationships and the death of close friends and family. I studied Fine Art and lectured in painting and drawing for some years, lived and worked as a painter in France for nine years, learning what it is like to be foreign and what it is like to not be English. I am passionate about music and painting, I like to play the piano and have over the past 5 years returned to painting as another form of enquiry.